Building a legacy of empowerment.

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Bethel Estate welcomes you to peruse our capabilities and our vision as we establish our firm footprint as a commercial farming and real estate operation. We strive to grow and supply high quality produce for the South African market, and the globe. Deep in a rural area, we are busy building a legacy with our customers, our community, our partners, our employees propelled by grace.

Where we going.

Bethel Estate is a large operation in geographical size covering some 386 ha, of this, 300 ha will be the farming operation and the rest will be a development on the farm. It is exciting to see how each part of this long- term plan is beginning to bear fruit.

Bethel Estate in brief.

Bethel Estate is a business venture with a difference. It prides itself in taking the time to build a legacy of empowerment. This means, it is a business open to innovative ways of doing things with the view of creating an exciting future for those who come into contact with the business.

Geographically Bethel Estate is located in a historical area in the province of KwaZulu/Natal known as Ixopo. This area has a rich political and spiritual history. Hidden between indigenous tress and forest, it is a perfect place to get away from the busy and bustling city to take a moment to appreciate farming and country life with great views and hearing the sweet sound of nature.

The commercial farm operation is a thing to behold! It is set up to produce quality products for the local and international market. The hotel development will no doubt be a unique place to build memories. The conference facility will be where academia will take place and robust debates take place which will lead to solutions and improvements in the country and all over the world.

Bethel Estate’s philosophy of its development and business venture is different in its outlook. While making a profit and increasing in shareholder value is critical, Bethel also is proud to work with the community and see a difference in the lives of the ordinary people.

Using a variety of strategies, Bethel Estate works with ethical, strategic partners who are also called to make a positive contribution in Africa. Bethel Estate is therefore quite particular about its association in order to deliver excellence, while building a legacy and pioneering different ways of doing things in this kind of setting.


Every year we welcome 12 ventures into our Triga community, and this year is without exception. The participants come from various sectors and cities all over South Africa with a common pursuit: personal and organisational growth for a redemptive impact in Africa. As we are about to embark on their Accelerator journey with them, we would like to introduce these go-getters, world-changers and big-picture-thinkers to you!

Our journey with these 16 founders and leaders will kick-off with an in-person event on 19 - 23 April at In Harmonie (La Motte Estate, Franschhoek), followed by a gathering at the Thaba Eco Lodge (Johannesburg) on 2 - 6 August and then our final pitch event and conference on 22 October at Spier Estate (Stellenbosch). Depending on the COVID-19 conditions at that time, we may also be able to open tickets for in-person public attendance: online participation will be available either way.

Thank you for celebrating these new members of the Triga family with us!
Best wishes
The Triga Team

what we do


Our plan is to develop real estate that will foster empowerment – a community that will help each other to rise.


Over time our plan is to use pioneering and innovative farming methods that will enrich the produce we sell to our customers. This means we want to be part of pioneering research, advancement in technology and innovation in all areas of our operation.


The hotel experience of the future has to align with the philosophy of empowerment. We plan to create an exciting adventure for our clients in the future.


The leadership academy is designed to produce individuals who will impact the world by building themselves and others. The academy will have a number of strategic partners in place who will provide a revolutionary way of learning and teaching in order to produce effective leaders across the globe.